Elias Digital Solutions Announces the Launch of the Elias Game Plan App

9 September 2021

Elias Digital Solutions, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Elias Sports Bureau, announces the launch of Elias Game Plan, a mobile app designed for sports fans, stat heads, and sports bettors. In addition to stats and data, the app features relevant pre-game analysis directly from the experts at Elias Sports Bureau. Elias Game Plan is available now, in time for the start of the NFL regular season.

The Elias Game Plan mobile app addresses the top frustrations fans have with sports betting. Elias Game Plan streamlines pre-game research by providing one central source for all game related information.

Elias Game Plan helps fans find upcoming games, access player and team stats, compare team performance, and get the latest player news including injury reports. All app data is validated by Elias Sports Bureau- the most trusted name in sports.

For sports bettors, the app displays betting options from top sportsbooks as well as Game Insights from Elias Sports Bureau. Elias Sports Bureau has the most tenured and experienced researchers in the sports industry. Game Insights share important analysis that could affect the outcome of a game, helping bettors to understand the stakes and make more informed bets.

As sports betting has grown in popularity, there is a need to make the process more accessible to novice bettors. Elias Game Plan is an easy on-ramp for new bettors. The app eliminates confusion and helps users improve their sports and betting knowledge. A comprehensive glossary explains betting options and sports terminology in a way that is accessible to new bettors.

"We noticed a gap in the market," said David Zaretsky, Head of Product at Elias Sports Bureau, "which led to the creation of Elias Digital Solutions. As online sports betting has exploded in popularity, more fans want to participate. Our research showed that sports bettors struggle with pre-game research. Sources are fragmented and the information is conflicting. Sports fans and betting enthusiasts are looking for accurate and unbiased information."

"The Elias Game Plan app was designed to help bettors quickly access the accurate pre-game information they need to make informed betting decisions," continued Zaretsky. "We know betting enhances the enjoyment of sports. We build community around our shared love of sports and our favorite teams. Elias Game Plan levels the playing field for experienced and novice bettors."

Elias Game Plan features a clean interface, eliminating visual noise and highlighting relevant, useful data. Head-to-head team comparisons for each matchup are displayed in an easy-to-understand graph.

"Although most people know Elias as official statisticians of the major American sports leagues and for our broadcast partnerships, at its core, Elias Sports Bureau has always been about fans and enhancing the fan experience," said Joe Gilston, President of Elias Sports Bureau and Elias Digital Solutions. "The app helps us continue to execute on our mission. The Elias Game Plan app combines our core strengths of data accuracy, game analysis and technology to deliver a much-needed betting companion for sports fans. "

The Elias Game Plan app is available now for iOS and Android.

For more information about Elias Game Plan, visit www.EliasGamePlan.com.

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Elias Digital Solutions, LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Elias Sports Bureau the most trusted name in sports. Elias Digital Solutions is the consumer arm of Elias Sports Bureau and focuses on providing fans with applications and tools to enhance their sports viewing experience.

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