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EdjSports Launches Revolutionary EdjFootball Prescriptive Tools for NFL & NCAA Teams

Thursday, Aug 10, 2017

EdjSports, a data science and prescriptive analytics sports firm, announced today the launch of their new EdjFootball product.  Developed by the creators of the ground-breaking Zeus simulation model, EdjFootball is a series of predictive and prescriptive products for NFL and NCAA coaching staffs that determines a team's Game Winning Chance (GWC) at any moment of the game and provides powerful tools for game planning, play calling, post-game reporting and season analytics.

The EdjFootball suite of fully customized products is accessible through a multi-module, web-based interface that includes:

•    Playcall Simulator (Single Run) – Reveals the optimal play choice and relative merits of alternatives for any unique game situation within seconds
•    Playcall Simulator (Batch Run) - Simplifies single play options analysis, allowing teams to simulate multiple scenarios and control certain input variables but also set ranges for others
•    Gameday Matchup – Simulated breakdown of a team's GWC at kickoff, comparing offensive and defensive strengths and weaknesses of their opponent
•    Post-Game Report – Detailed breakdown of a team's win probability progression throughout every play of the game highlighting critical game calls
•    Strategy Guides – Customized reference charts provide guidance on key kickoff, PAT and overtime 4th down decisions for in-game decision making
•    Season Report – Play execution, critical decisions, turnover trends and strength of schedule are analyzed and graded

To view the product suite, visit

EdjFootball's predictive and prescriptive tools are powered by the revolutionary new simulation engine, Zeno™, built on two decades of play-by-play data.  Zeno can assess GWC at any unique situation of the game and can accurately handicap the strengths and weaknesses of every team.  This process is accomplished by an intensive analysis of team performance on every play throughout the season.  Through literally billions of simulations, Zeno compares every team's actual performance to its expected performance in GWC on each play.

EdjFootball can accurately answer the following questions, accounting for every play call option:

•    When does a team's Game Winning Chance increase by going for it on 4th down?
•    What are the relative values of the rushing and passing matchups?
•    How much is GWC affected by going for a two-point conversion vs. PAT?
•    How deep must an opponent be pinned to justify a short punt?
•    When is an on-side kick justified?
•    When is there a GWC benefit in taking an intentional safety or allowing an opponent to score a touchdown?
•    How does an incremental improvement in rushing or passing affect seasonal expected wins?
•    What is the value of running down the play clock with a lead?
•    How much does a penalty or turnover affect seasonal GWC?

"We are excited to deliver the next-level of football analytics tools to the industry.  Every game, coaches are faced with making real time critical calls to maximize their game winning chance.  At EdjFootball, we drive insights that enhance those leaders' situational awareness, which increases confidence and success in those critical GWC decisions," said Tony DeFeo, President of EdjSports.

For more information about EdjFootball or to schedule a product or media demo, contact 502-510-1505 or

About EdjSports

EdjSports empowers smarter decision-making with proven predictive and prescriptive analytical models and custom software solutions in the sports industry.  Our game-based approach analyzes pools of data, helping teams make critical call decisions based on the highest probability of achieving their goals.  At EdjSports, we assist decision makers and enhance their ability to gain the competitive edge that ultimately impacts the bottom line - winning.

Contact: Casey Ramage

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