DorsiFLEX, a Rehabilitation Device that Helps Alleviate Pain from Plantar Fasciitis, Launches on Kickstarter

16 June 2021

Happiness walks on busy feet, and plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis or other lower leg injuries shouldn’t prevent people from doing what they love. DorsiFLEX launches on Kickstarter today to help provide fast, measurable relief in weeks with regular use.

Every year more than 2 million people deal with plantar fasciitis, a sharp, stabbing feeling that’s sometimes described as a burning pain in the heel or arch of the foot. At-home treatments and product solutions are low-quality, unreliable and frequently ineffective. DorsiFLEX is a patented, adjustable stretching rehabilitation device that progressively targets, improves, and strengthens the muscles causing these problems. It helps to relieve pain in weeks instead of months or years.

DorsiFLEX provides relief by positioning the toes and forefoot laterally at different variable and adjustable angles. DorsiFLEX is used and recommended by professional athletes and Olympic medalists, providing a deeper, more targeted and amplified stretch of all relevant muscles and muscle groups. It’s convenient enough to use daily while brushing your teeth.

Studies show that 70% of people with plantar fasciitis report moderate to severe pain, 61% have this pain daily, and 54% say it interferes with normal activities. Although designed specifically to help plantar fasciitis sufferers, DorsiFLEX has the versatility to help relieve pain from various foot injuries. In a self-conducted study, people with injuries caused by inflexibility and lost foot function (due to limited ankle range of motion caused by muscle tightness and general muscle weakness) saw noticeable improvement from using DorsiFLEX in just three to four weeks. A majority of participants were completely pain free in six to eight weeks.

“DorsiFLEX gives people their lives back by giving them strong, healthy feet,” said Jim Cooper, co-inventor of DorsiFLEX. “I used to be a world-class distance runner, the 20th fastest Steeplechaser in the world in 1986. Developing bilateral plantar fasciitis in both feet put me on a path to create DorsiFLEX and help people from all walks of life and activity levels who suffer from plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis and tight calves.”

People dealing with other foot and lower leg problems such as morning heel pain, turf toe, rigid toes, calf, ankle or toe inflexibility, and even limited ankle mobility can benefit from DorsiFLEX. DorsiFLEX is an investment in recovery that will lead to strong, healthy feet for life. To preorder, visit

About Phoenix Foot Health, LLC.
Our mission is to help plantar fasciitis sufferers with a product and method that works, and eliminate and eradicate plantar fasciitis and heel pain forever. Our idea was to improve and innovate stretching for lower leg, foot and heel injuries – offering a deeper and more complete, personalized, leveraged, versatile stretch of all muscles and muscle group combinations in the lower leg and foot. DorsiFLEX is simple to use yet incredibly effective in achieving those goals. For more information, visit