CSCTE 2022 to Be Launched in Late December, Promoting Fitness for All with Cultural Confidence by Holding Sports Expos

21 December 2022

The China Sports Culture Expo and the China Sports Tourism Expo 2022  will be held online on December 21-23. The CSCTE, organized by Asia Digital Group as a platform for integrating and displaying global high-quality sports culture and sports tourism resources, has always been committed to promoting the integration and common development of sports, culture and tourism. It shows the trends of the sports industry by interpreting policies and releasing information related to the industry and gathering sports enterprises in and out of China for docking and trading.

Themed as "One Community, One Shared Future", this CSCTE has invited heavyweight guests from over 20 countries and regions around the world, and 370 some global mainstream sports brands as exhibitors. It provides services around four core sections, that is, exhibitions, forums, supporting activities, and business docking to bring audiences an immersive experience in an online manner and boost the integration of China's sports industry with the world at large to achieve high-quality development.

Building a platform for the integration of global sports with five exhibition areas

Five exhibition areas have been set up, including the Sports Culture and Sports Tourism Zone, the Domestic Sports Culture and Sports Tourism Zone, the International Zone and Country Pavilions, Sports Brands Zone and Smart Sports Zone by means of AI, big data and other advanced technologies.

The Sports Culture and Sports Tourism Zone will display the achievements of China's sports culture from multiple angles in a three-dimensional way, including intangible cultural heritage in sports, traditional Chinese sports culture, sports cultural products, sports calligraphy and painting exhibitions, achievements of  Beijing Olympic Winter Games, and sports tourism resources. Immersive scenarios for sports culture and sports tourism will be built on the cloud to show the power of sports, "One Community, One Shared Future". This year marks the fifth year that the CSCTE has been held in Guangzhou. Achievements and plans of Guangzhou on the journey of building a "world-famous sports city" can be seen on the cloud. Various districts here, represented by Nansha, have advanced the integrated development of sports with culture, commerce, tourism, and innovation by actively bidding for and introducing international high-end sports events to foster a stronger Guangzhou in sports.

Guangzhou, Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Jilin, Jiangsu, Fujian, Shandong, Henan, Hubei, Yunnan, Qinghai, Ningxia, and other provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, together with Sports Lottery Management Center of the General Administration of Sport of China, will make their debut in the Domestic Sports Culture and Sports Tourism Zone. The high-quality integrated development of China's sports + culture + tourism can be demonstrated through the concentrated display of ethnic and folk sports culture, sports leisure towns, sports theme parks, demonstration bases, and IPs of sports events.

The International Zone and Country Pavilions has involved brands from more than 20 countries and regions around the world, for example, the United Kingdom, France, Nepal, Italy, Slovenia, Argentina, Germany, Finland, Austria, the United States, the Netherlands, Australia, Japan, Switzerland, Brazil, Thailand, New Zealand, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, etc. What have been attracted are international organizations, including the International Olympic Committee, the International Equestrian Federation, the International Basketball Federation, the World Badminton Federation, the International Ski Federation, the World Taekwondo Federation, the International Judo Federation, the International Automobile Federation, the International Hockey Federation, the International Mind Sports Association, the International Sport Press Association, etc. In addition, global sports brands and IPs of international events have been introduced to meet different needs of visitors.

The Sports Brands Zone will display sports consumption brands, sports events brands, sports fitness venues and facilities, and sports culture promotion. In detail, diverse displays will be brought by the outdoor camping section, which is composed of Camel, TGPM, Moxuanju, Guangzhou Heying Tianxia Pastoral Ecotourism, Skyline Valley, China Forestry Group Corporation • Shangliang Gang Resort, Outdoor Star, Taosence and Yunnan Jidi Tanyou. Besides, the development of ice and snow sports in the post-Olympic era will be shown by the ice and snow section with brands like Carving Ski, Engo, Snowelan, PRINOTH, Jam Carving, Shengxiang Ski, Wanlong Paradise Resort, SNOW51, Beijing Senhaid, Bonski, etc.

One of the highlights of the Smart Sports Zone is the Sports Innovation Planet, which gathers various trendy products of the sports industry and those with innovative sports technology from such companies as Quntitong, EasySerp, PongBot, Dimeno, LifeTeam and Golden Eagle. Holding sports innovation and entrepreneurship competitions can help the related projects land by docking with capitals and help local industry by pooling innovative projects so as to strengthen multi-dimensional docking and explore new trends of sports. There are also representatives of venues, sports parks, those engaged in sports projects, IPs of events, and sports clubs such as Alibaba Sports, Guangzhou Tongxin Sports, ACT Sports, Avant Sports Industrial Co., Ltd., VMKON and MetaSpace. Being exhibitors is an opportunity for them to carry out communication and negotiation, investment and financing.

What's more, in order to better promote and introduce the functions of the online CSCTE, Ms. Zhang Li, executive vice president of Asia Digital Group, will be specially invited to show online visitors around in an immersive way and elaborate on exhibition areas as well as some involved companies and products.

Advancing the development of sports, culture and tourism in multiple dimensions

The CSCTE has always adhered to the integration of global sports development and promotion of the docking of resources required by the global sports industry. One main conference, 11 forums, 20 some supporting activities and multiple business docking sessions have been set up this year, inviting representatives of governments, capitals, projects, international organizations and enterprises from over 20 countries and regions to participate.

The main conference, namely the China International Sports Culture and China Sports Tourism Forum, acts as a platform to conduct an in-depth analysis of trends of the sports industry and discuss national sports policies, individual sports development and sports development in various countries. Thereafter, what will be held successively are World Sports City · Guangzhou Forum, Sports Directors' Forum, Sports Business Forum, Youth Sports Forum, Winter Sports Forum, Sport for All and Healthy China Forum, Sports Venues and Facilities Forum, Museum Curators' Forum, and Presidents of Sports Colleges and Universities Forum, Forum on Digital Development of Sports Culture, etc. Representatives from all parties will make exchanges on trends of global sports industry in different forms based on varied themes, interpret relevant policies, and offer suggestions for the development of the sports industry.

In order to further boost the development of the sports industry, multiple displays, fun experiences, and promotional evaluations will be integrated, manifested by over 20 supporting activities, including the Selection of High-Quality Sports Tourism Projects, the championship series of activities, the National Sports Cultural Works Exhibition and the National Sports Art Works Exhibition as well as the promotion of National Sports Tourism Demonstration Bases 2022, National Sports Science Popularization Projects 2022 and Outstanding Projects of Chinese Sports Culture and Sports Tourism 2022.

The Sports Consumption Carnival is a brand-new event launched by this CSCTE. Consumption vouchers provided by exhibitors will be released intensively online, and exhibitors will be encouraged to sell discounted products to stimulate and diversify consumption and radiate customer base to China and even globally. The new model of holding conferences with science and technology that combines online and offline will accelerate the release of potential in sports consumption and boost sports consumption in cities.

The last sports feast in 2022 is worth expecting with all preparations ready. The CSCTE 2022 is waiting for you on the cloud to look back on the achievements of sports development and look into the trend of the sports industry.