Congrats to All TCL Sponsored European National Football Teams Secure Qualification to the Summer of Sports

28 November 2023

TCL Electronics a leading consumer electronics brand and the world's top two TV brands, proudly congratulates its official European National Football partners on their success in the run up to Europe's month of sports. National football teams from Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany, all officially sponsored by TCL, have successfully qualified as players or the host to compete in 2024. TCL is honoured to support such incredible talent and to bring all the magic of football to millions of homes across Europe through state-of-the-art display technology.

As an advocate for inspiring greatness and making magical moments accessible to all, TCL has dedicated its R&D focus to creating the most advanced line up of TV's, packed with cutting-edge display technology and enhanced sports viewing features to ensure fans everywhere feel involved in the action.

TCL's QD-Mini LED Line Up: Perfect for Total Sports Immersion

In anticipation of the 2024's sporting calendar, TCL has released an exceptional line up of TVs that are perfectly equipped to render every nail-biting moment in full detail. The flagship QD-Mini LED TV X955 and the premium QD-Mini LED TV C955 are both powered by the AiPQ Processor 3.0, imbued with machine learning algorithm for unrivalled silky-smooth visuals.

Also harnessing the power of Ai, Motion Clarity Pro instantly detects high-speed moving objects in relation to their size and position within the visuals. As a football is identified soaring towards the goal, Motion Clarity Pro intuitively calculates motion in terms of frame number. When paired with a variable refresh rate of 144Hz which can adapt to different input frames in real time, the viewer is left with the clearest vantage of a shot on goal, as motion blur is greatly reduced for ultimate clarity.

For a totally immersive experience, the viewer needs to be entrenched in all the striking colours to be seen both on and off the field – from distinctively bright home nation kits to the greenest pitches. 'Sports Mode' classifies image content based on AI perception, adjusting quality parameters accordingly across brightness, contrast, colour and definition. The result is an astoundingly vivid rendition of the stadium experience, expressed in over a billion colours.

Extra-Large Screens for Maximum Impact

When it comes to defining a truly immersive TV experience, size really does matter. That is why TCL has grown its portfolio of extra-large screens, with an array of options of 65" and above. The TCL X955 with revolutionary peak brightness, and the TCL C955 are both available in up to 85" and 98" in select markets. As the global top 1 brand in 98-in TV segment, its only fitting that TCL has created the great and competitive 4K HDR 98-inch model, the TCL P745, so that more fans than ever before can experience the beautiful game the way it was intended.

Black Friday with TCL: Now is the Time to Upgrade to QD-Mini LED

Now is the perfect time to set yourself up for the most immersive summer of sports, as this Black Friday TCL is offering more large size QD-Mini LED TVs and smart home appliances to elevate your home entertainment.

The TCL QD-Mini LED TV C805 features a massive 98-inch screen and captivating 4K HDR, ensuring every game comes to life with unparalleled realism. With a maximum brightness of 1600 nits (in 98"), colours burst into vibrant life, creating a dynamic and true-to-life vantage point. The native 144 Hz variable refresh rate ensures high speed motion appears incredibly smooth, perfectly suited for the fast-paced action of a football match.

What truly sets this TV apart is its incredible HDR capabilities. The result? Your team will dazzle on screen with stunning contrast and dynamic range, offering an unforgettable experience as you cheer them on to victory.

Catch all of the action of the upcoming finals with the TCL large screen TVs, available now in selected markets across Europe.

* Product appearance, functionality and availability may differ between countries/regions

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