Collective Sports Agency Joins Vnue's Advisory Board

22 September 2023

VNUE, Inc. (OTC: VNUE), announced today that Collective Sports Agency, has joined VNUE's Advisory Board, and will be assisting the company in forming a new Sports Division.

The firm, including managing directors Quenton Brown and Brian Donaldson, with an all-star professional sports family pedigree, brings a wealth of experience in facilitating and advising some of the most elite and top-tier athletes in the sports industry, along with prominent sports family offices. The agency's involvement with VNUE was facilitated by Victoria Vo, Founder of Haute International, and VNUE CEO Zach Bair, who recognized the tremendous potential for collaboration. Vo will also serve on the company's Advisory Board.

The Collective Agency represents a select few elite high-profile athletes.

"VNUE's technology easily translates to the sporting world," said Bair. "We have always seen parallels and opportunities with sports, such as with our StageIt livestreaming platform as well as our pending metaverse project, and we are thrilled that Quenton and his firm have decided to partner with us on this exciting venture. We believe we can bring a lot of added value to the players, and help them connect with fans in new and unique ways, and at the same time, we can mutually benefit by working together with our respective brands."

"VNUE is the ideal company in the marketplace, one that we can strategically position for rapid growth within the sports and entertainment industry," said Quenton Brown. "VNUE's cutting-edge technology holds the potential to bring substantial value to companies, brands, and individuals within our extensive Collective Agency network."

Mr. Brown and Mr. Donaldson will be taking a leadership role in the formation of the Sports Division, working closely together with Bair and VNUE's executive management. They will also collaborate with Vo, who brings her expertise in elite brands, relationships, strategic capital partnerships, and global brand activation and reach to VNUE's Advisory Board. Collective Agency's responsibilities include forging deals with high-profile sports figures and other influential individuals, such as musical artists, to leverage VNUE's various platforms and generate revenue for both players and VNUE. Additionally, Collective Agency will strategically leverage the brands of sporting superstars to further enhance VNUE's profile, attract new investments, and explore potential brand partnerships with related parties.

Vo, an influential figure in the digital landscape, is the driving force behind numerous startups and a trusted advisor to Fortune 500 companies. Her visionary strategies have pioneered many world-first metaverse campaigns. Companies exclusively seek her as their go-to strategist for global expansion. Her expertise has been pivotal in shaping success stories for startups and established corporations in the ever-evolving digital realm.

"As we embark on this exciting journey with VNUE, our goal is to merge and bridge the gap between technology and the dynamic worlds of sports and entertainment," said Vo, "Together, we will curate elite and innovative experiences that connect fans, athletes, and artists in ways that were once unimaginable, all while leveraging the power of strategic partnerships and technology to redefine the boundaries of what's possible."

Brown, Donaldson, and Vo will be involved in the creative process for introducing new games and experiences in the metaverse, some of which that will feature superstars who will engage in gameplay with everyday fans from all walks of life, as well as several other ambitious projects.

Initially, VIP experiences on StageIt will be rolled out, where fans will have the opportunity to visit with their favorite players in an intimate setting, and ask them questions in real time.

About VNUE, Inc. (

VNUE, Inc. is a multi-faceted music technology company dedicated to monetizing the live music experience for artists, labels, writers, and publishers, with products such as its instant content distribution platform, exclusive license partner and "instant live" pioneer DiscLive (, and protecting the rights of artists and writers with the company's Soundstr music recognition technology (MRT) ( VNUE also recently acquired StageIt (, one of the oldest and most well-known ticketed livestreaming platforms. The veteran entrepreneurs, artists and songwriters behind VNUE, led by music and tech entrepreneur and recording artist Zach Bair (, are passionate about the future of their industry and ensuring that rights holders' value is not lost amid always-changing technology.

About Collective Agency

Collective Agency is a trailblazing boutique athlete representation agency with a unique approach to athlete empowerment. Our agency stands as a beacon of exclusivity in the sports industry, representing only a select few elite athletes. This selectivity allows us to provide an unparalleled level of personalization and dedication to each athlete we represent. We are committed to redefining athlete representation by focusing on long-term wealth and legacy building. Our innovative approach sets us apart in the industry, as we prioritize the enduring success and financial security of our athletes. Offering exclusive access to opportunities that are otherwise unavailable through traditional representation models. Our mission is to shape the future of athlete management, providing athletes with a pathway to lasting wealth and legacy.

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Haute International, is an exclusive and avant-garde luxury firm renowned for its expertise in brand activations, global trade, and luxury real estate. Specializing in connecting elite brands, top-tier talent, and visionary startups, Haute International excels in uniting global relationships, forming strategic partnerships, and providing exclusive growth opportunities. Beyond its role, the firm actively engages in early-phase ventures and partners with companies seeking its expertise and support, aligning with industry leaders to drive transformation and accelerate innovation. This selectivity underscores Haute International's dedication to excellence and its mission to facilitate unparalleled growth and innovation in the global marketplace.

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