Clayton Kershaw-Endorsed V1 Baseball Training App Connects Athletes with Top Coaches, Current and Former MLB Players

19 November 2020

V1 Sports, developers of state-of-the-art video sports performance analysis technology, proudly announces the launch of the new V1 Baseball mobile video analysis app. The free V1 Baseball app empowers athletes to improve their personal baseball skills by capturing and reviewing their techniques with detailed baseball hitting, fielding or pitching analysis and easy-to-use and responsive playback tools. 

V1 Baseball's strategic alliance agreement with Practice with Pros, LLC, a baseball instruction company founded by former Major League Baseball players Scott Van Slyke and Shawn Tolleson – with World Series winner, perennial All-Star and two-time Cy Young Award winner Clayton Kershaw of the Los Angeles Dodgers – as an ambassador, makes professional-level coaching from top-tier baseball and softball professionals available through this innovative mobile platform.

"The V1 Baseball team, along with Practice With Pros, has put a breakthrough platform into the hands of baseball players who are serious about improving their game," Kershaw says. "Watching and analyzing video has been an integral part of my baseball career since I entered pro ball and I utilize it regularly to check in on my mechanics. With V1 Baseball, athletes everywhere can connect with the very best coaches around the world to build a competitive edge."

By sharing videos of their baseball motions (hitting, fielding or pitching form), athletes can receive personalized voice-over video lessons from a growing network of expert professional baseball coaches who use the V1 Sports platform, including a growing roster of current and former Major League Baseball players.

"All up-and-coming baseball players are motivated to accelerate their development. We've created a simple but powerful platform that unites aspiring athletes with currently-active and veteran professional baseball players," says V1 Sports CEO Bryan Finnerty. "The ability to access proven and trusted professional coaching is now right at your fingertips. The childhood dream of learning to improve your baseball skills with the help of a real Major Leaguer is now an exciting reality."

V1 Baseball's coaching platform incorporates a powerful combination of live video capture of hitting, pitching or fielding analysis, voice-over tips, telestration, graphic overlay, lesson creation and delivery tools for baseball and softball, all secured on cloud storage.

The new V1 Baseball mobile app is now available in the iOS App for all baseball and softball skill sets. For more information, visit