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CCM Hockey acquires Patins STEP

Tuesday, Feb 04, 2020

CCM Hockey, the cutting-edge designer, manufacturer and distributor of hockey equipment and related accessories, is proud to announce the acquisition of Patins STEP Inc., the Quebec company behind the Highest quality STEP Steel skate blades.

Located in Quebec City and founded in 2000, the STEP company has revolutionized hockey skate blades thanks to their high quality steel, their unique manufacturing process and their innovative design. STEP is one of the most renowned hockey brands among top hockey players, equipment managers and professional players all over the world.

“We decided to acquire STEP for a simple and good reason: they share our obsession with performance and work tirelessly to create a precision tool that builds the skaters' confidence with each stride. This is why the majority of NHL players and some of the best hockey players in the world, such as Brent Burns , Alexander Ovechkin and John Tavares , use STEP skate blades. After all, steel is the only point of contact between players and the ice; so it's essential that our skaters have access to the very best, ”said Rick Blackshaw , CEO of CCM Hockey.

“Between our monocoque boot technology, a true flagship of the industry allowing a transfer of energy of 34% higher than the boots in two parts, the fact of having the best blade holders, which hold the blades in place even after having suffered a slap shot, and now having the best blades, CCM offers unparalleled skating technology to hockey players around the world, "added Mr. Blackshaw.

Marrouane Nabih, Global Chief Financial Officer of CCM Hockey, said: "This strategic acquisition represents our commitment to innovate and provide players with the best skates in the world. It is the meeting of two Canadian hockey leaders joining forces to make the best products and allow all players to give their all when they get on the ice. "

Going up a gear

Gilles Cloutier , President and Founder of STEP, will continue to lead operations during the transition and will continue to work closely with the product creation team and the CCM Pro skate manufacturing plant in Saint-Jean. -on-Richelieu. STEP has 17 employees who will bring their expertise to the CCM Hockey family.

“STEP and CCM have been working together since 2016 to design the XS compatible steel blade. Joining the CCM family was the next logical step in the evolution of this collaboration, said Cloutier. CCM shares our goal of offering the best products on the market for all athletes, especially professional players. It will be very interesting to deepen this collaboration and participate in the achievement of performance innovations at CCM. Together, we will have the opportunity to create the most advanced skates in the world of hockey. "

From 2020, all CCM Pro and custom skates will be fitted with STEP skate blades. CCM plans to use STEP products on retail models in the near future.

About STEP Skates

Founded in 2000 and established in Quebec, STEP is the world's leading manufacturer of skate blades. STEP uses premium Swedish stainless steel, making it a brand of choice in the NHL, AHL and KHL, as well as in other professional hockey leagues whose players demand the highest level of precision performance.

About CCM Hockey

CCM Hockey is a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of hockey equipment and related accessories. From its head office in Montreal, the company operates in Canada , the United States and Europe . CCM Hockey supplies equipment to more professional players than any other company, including stars Connor McDavid , Alex Ovechkin , Sidney Crosby and John Tavares . CCM Hockey is also the official supplier of the American Hockey League, the Canadian Hockey League and several national teams and the NCAA. For more information, visit .


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