Booster Athletes launches NIL crowdfunding app empowering ALL student-athletes to monetize Name, Image, and Likeness

4 August 2022

Booster Athletes has launched a crowdfunding app empowering all student-athletes to take full advantage of recent NIL legislation and monetize their own digital content through an exclusive connection with their fan base. Managed entirely through their smartphone, the platform provides student-athletes access to NIL dollars through a direct and personal connection to their fans.

Booster works on a monthly subscription model, where athletes are financially supported by their most loyal, passionate fans. Through a user interface inspired by TikTok and Snapchat, athletes share authentic, behind-the-scenes content through short-form videos or photos in exchange for monthly or annual financial support. Beyond subscription payments, fans can “boost” their athlete through a supplemental financial reward for their content and engagement on Booster.

With NIL opening the door for athletes to be compensated, there still exists no easy path to monetize their value. Almost 100% of the current NIL strategy and income are derived from 'marketplace' deals funded by companies, brands, and collectives. Most student-athletes lack the popularity or following needed to draw such interest. As a result, the overwhelming majority struggle to see NIL as a real opportunity.

“At Booster, we look at NIL differently. We believe every college athlete can easily build recurring income through their existing fans and supporters. Over the past year, very few have taken the time to ask the student-athletes how they prefer to manage NIL. We did…and they helped us build Booster,” said Jeffrey Clark, Booster Athletes’ Chief Executive Officer.

There are 182 million college sports fans, representing the largest and most affluent fan base in the country. Booster’s unique model of crowdfunding in exchange for exclusive content & access opens a pathway for 100% of student-athletes to have success in NIL. Clark added, “Through the Booster Athletes app, college athletes at all levels and participating in all sports now have a self-managed path to create sustainable NIL revenue.”

For supporters, Booster provides a new level of direct engagement and access to their favorite college sports teams and athletes. Clark summarized, “On Booster, the fans decide who wins with Name, Image and Likeness.”


Headquartered in Raleigh, NC, Booster Athletes was founded in the fall of 2021. The company spent the past seven months working together with student-athletes to create a solution for Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) and building out their technology. The company’s earliest partnerships include several Power 5 Athletic Departments, student-athlete influencers, and All-American & Heisman candidates for this upcoming college football season. The Booster app was released in July 2022 and can be downloaded directly through Apple’s App Store or Google Play.

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