BingX Starts World Tour for Football and Crypto Fans

9 December 2022

BingX, one of the leading crypto exchanges, invites football and crypto enthusiasts all over the world to celebrate the 2022 World Cup in its World Tour as international football stars compete in the month-long tournament. BingX is spreading its footprint across Turkey, Spain, Russia, Germany, and more according to the game schedule. BingX invites worldwide fans to watch and celebrate the largest and most anticipated sporting event offline and distributes customized souvenirs at local communities.Meanwhile, the BingX World Tour enables all registered clients to trade, predict, and win alongside their preferred World Cup teams online. They will have a chance to predict the winners of each round from the inaugural kick-off all the way through to the final itself on December 18. To further engage clients with the football craze, BingX has arranged multiple exclusive rewards with games and World Cup-themed campaigns, including a big prize poll of up to 600,000 USDT together with popular coins like BTC and ETH. Lucky ones will win tickets to the World Cup Final and coveted autographed jerseys of renowned football stars.

This World Tour aims to enjoy the football game with its customers and help bring more people into crypto space. As excitement for the World Cup facilitates the connection between the crypto universe and the sports world, BingX also makes the effort to benefit BingX customers with various campaigns. BingX wishes to bring joy and excitement to both football fans and its community members. It represents the fusion of sport events and blockchain technology. Additionally, these initiatives set the stage for a fresh wave of use cases where on-chain and off-chain ecosystems are integrated to deliver novel experiences.

"The FIFA World Cup is watched by four billion people worldwide. Through this single event, the World Cup offers the crypto industry a rare opportunity to connect with customers, making it simpler to spread awareness and show off the potential of crypto developing technology", said Elvisco Carrington, PR and Communications Director at BingX. "BingX is uniting worldwide customers in support of sports and the World Cup festivities. They can enjoy both athletic brilliance and rich bonuses in BingX World Tour and share their love of football and cryptocurrency. We consistently aim for excellence and keep providing the best range of products and services in this field. We are expecting football and crypto fans to join us on our journey."

About BingX

BingX is a leading crypto exchange that offers spot, derivatives, copy, and grid trading services to over 100 countries and regions worldwide with over 5 million users. BingX continues to connect users with expert traders and the platform in a safe and innovative way.