Basement Sports releases 32,000 NFTs of World Cup players and teams

14 November 2022

Basement Sports, a hybrid reality gaming company, released 32,000 unique player and national team NFTs (1,000 for each of the 32 qualifying teams) on the first day of the Cup 2022 World Cup. Typing - which costs $25 per player - will be done through the Basement Sports app, where users can choose and showcase these unique avatars on social media and use them in real-life football games at the within the app. Players will also be able to livestream and earn reward points, called Kidcoin, using NFT teams."There's never been a football fanclub quite like this, with gameplay options where your character comes to life," said Basement Sports founder Arman Rousta . “By hitting their own player NFTs, soccer fans around the world will gain exclusive access to in-game features, Kidcoin rewards, sports merchandise and both virtual and real VIP experiences. »

All information on how to get these NFT avatars can be found on the website - . Fans can choose a single team like Brazil or France , full groups of four teams like in the World Cup, or all 32 countries. NFT owners can 'trade', sell or buy skins through the app or on the OpenSea NFT Marketplace.

The creative mind behind this NFT project is Mustafa Farhad , Creative Director at Blueliner, an international digital agency. “We wanted to create player avatars that young football fans around the world could immediately identify with and, through them, share that mix of excitement, passion, glory and shared pain that is the FIFA World Cup. world. »

On the technical side, a team of engineers led by Blueliner CTO Kaiyes Ansary built the Basement Sports app and now the NFT system, which includes Kidcoin payments integration . “This is a unique crossover project, bringing elements of Web3 cryptocurrency into a consumer interface, using web platforms and apps kids and parents are used to interacting with. engage. We chose the Polygon network to build the NFT architecture because of its speed and reliability, as it is a layer on top of the reliable and secure Ethereum network. »

With the World Cup kicking off next week, the Basement Sports team is planning several special nights around the world as well as daily competitions, the winners of which will be rewarded with NFTs and other prizes. . Each World Cup group has an ambassador and team, who can be followed on their official Twitter  and Instagram channels .

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