AstroTurf Offers Program to Help Clients Re-Open Athletic Fields in the Wake of Covid-19

13 June 2020

Over the last several months, COVID-19 restrictions have meant that most all sports facilities have been closed and off limits to athletes for quite some time. Hopefully, facilities are making plans to reopen athletic fields in the very near future and have considered all the necessary steps to do so. It may be a mistake to think that just because a synthetic field has not been played on in four months it should be in good condition. That could be far from the truth. There is still a lot to consider before you open your fields back up for play.

Today’s synthetic turf systems are more like natural grass. Manufacturers have been able to simulate the look and feel of natural grass by using taller, grass-like fibers and fill the fiber matrix with infill like sand, rubber, or organic materials. The finished product requires specialized, consistent maintenance to remain uniform, predictable, and high performing, especially in terms of shock attenuation, traction, and ball response. Proper maintenance will contribute to greater durability and longevity of your synthetic turf system.

Your turf system may just need a deep-brushing, or it may require an intensive cleaning. Even though the field has been closed, it should be inspected for vegetation, animal activity, vandalism, or other contamination. Only some minor grooming may be in order, but for reassurance and peace of mind, an intensive grooming program that includes a field disinfectant is highly recommended.

AstroTurf’s Maintain the Game Aftercare Program has put together a comprehensive field maintenance program that considers the surface safety concerns facing our world today. This regular service program can be upgraded to include ProGienics. ProGienics Concentrated Hard Surface Disinfectant is a proactive approach to disease prevention & odor control that can be used on a wide range of surfaces found in athletic fields, fitness centers, weight rooms, common areas, children’s playgrounds or anywhere with synthetic turf. This application is effective against a wide variety of mold, bacteria, fungi, and viruses including COVID-19. The result is a completely disinfected playing surface that is safe for athletes.

The use of ProGienics has been determined to kill 99.9% of germs, virus, bacteria, mold, fungus, mildew, and microbes that cause diseases and infections on contaminated surfaces including artificial turf, athletic fields, playgrounds, locker rooms and more. The treatment is 100% human, animal, and is environmentally friendly.

Not only will the Maintain the Game Program provide a decontaminated surface, it will also provide an extensive fiber brushing, removal of foreign objects and debris, decompaction of the infill and give a beautiful, predictable, high-performing playing surface.

So, before you just open the gate to the field and let the users play, be responsible and go down this checklist.

  • Has the field been inspected for debris and foreign objects?
  • Has the field been inspected for animal waste and contamination?
  • Has the field been inspected for vandalism of any kind?
  • Has it been determined that infill depths are satisfactory?
  • Has your field been treated to remove any harmful bacteria or viruses?
  • Has it been satisfactorily confirmed that the surface is safe for your athletes?

For more information on how to best care for your field and to have it professionally inspected or groomed, please reach out to [email protected]

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