AstroTurf Corporation and El Espartano Announce Partnership in South America

14 April 2021

AstroTurf®, the inventor and leading innovator of artificial turf is pleased to announce a new partnership with El Espartano. The company, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, will manufacture and sell AstroTurf® systems in certain regions of South America.

“We are tremendously excited to roll out this new partnership with El Espartano,” said Jason Berning, AstroTurf International Sales General Manager. “We are very particular about who we partner with, and El Espartano displays the same commitment to product quality and customer service as AstroTurf® customers have come to expect over the last several decades.”

Founded more than 80 years ago, El Espartano is an Argentine-owned company dedicated to the design, development, manufacture, and commercialization of flooring. The company has been one of the leading players, both in Argentina and in South America, in the production of rugs, carpets and synthetic turf: it is renowned for its quality and product innovation. With a presence in Buenos Aires and Brazil, El Espartano has 2 production plants (18.000 m2) and more than 150 employees, and the company aims to further develop its international presence through enhancing its potential in new and emerging markets.

The company´s sports division produces a wide range of artificial turf for different sports that can be adapted to the specific needs of each client. The division can provide technical and commercial consulting focused on the following major sports: soccer, field hockey, tennis, rugby, paddle tennis, and athletics. It can also provide guidance on the use of synthetic grass in residential spaces.

A growing number of institutions, sports clubs, schools, municipalities, and private developers trust El Espartano when it comes to installing their surfaces. Its most important projects in Argentina include the athletic tracks at St. John’s School in Pilar, the Municipal Park of Lomas de Zamora, and the synthetic grass field of the Olivos Rugby Club.

As well as the highly valued recognition of its clients, the company holds international certificates that guarantee the quality of its rugs, carpets, and synthetic grass. In terms of its products for sports, the company has been granted ISO 9001 certification for the “Design, Development, Manufacture and Sale of Carpets and Synthetic Turf".
Furthermore, it is one of only 15 certified manufacturers of synthetic grass that is recognized by the International Hockey Federation, while the Olivos Rugby Club installation has been certified by the World Rugby governing body.

The Group is a leader in the research of new production models for sustainable development. Such commitment leads to the regular renewal of processes and products, thanks to the continuous investments in capital and knowledge that will secure the future of company growth and of future generations. The cornerstones of the company include its careful selection of raw materials, the inventiveness of the professionals that make up its creative division, and its constant technological innovation.

As one of the most recognizable brands in the sports world, AstroTurf® continues to set the bar high for product performance, customer satisfaction, and service after the sale. AstroTurf® is a part of Sport Group, the global leader in artificial turf systems and running tracks. Sport Group owns manufacturing facilities across the globe and operates in 70 countries. It has supplied more than 7,500 artificial turf surfaces and 16,000 athletic tracks globally.

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