ASM Global Announces Strategic Partnership with Malaysian Government to Operate Kuala Lumpur Sports City, Expanding Presence in Asia Pacific

29 July 2022

ASM Global, the world's leading venue management and live experience production company, has partnered with Malaysia's Ministry of Youth and Sports through Pervadanan Stadium Malaysia (PSM). did. It will enhance existing operations and event activities in the Kuala Lumpur Sports City district, the largest sports complex in the region.

This announcement takes the Malaysian government's ambition to make the National Sports District in Bukijaril world-famous as a venue for prestigious sports, entertainment and community events. With the addition of the iconic sporting and event districts, including the Malaysian National Stadium with 87,400 seats, ASM Global will expand its presence in Asia.

The Malaysian National Stadium is not only the largest stadium in Asia except North Korea, but also the largest stadium in facilities around the world managed by ASM Global.

ASM Global leverages its wealth of industry experience to redefine guest itineraries, introduce state-of-the-art technology and improve food and beverage services. In addition to the know-how of commercial facilities, the extensive network and technical capabilities of events, we will leverage the strengths of our community-based team.

Ron Vention, President and CEO of ASM Global, said: “We are on a solid growth curve in this part of the world. The Kuala Lumpur Sports City area is a typical type of project we support, significantly improving the benefits of the venue and ours. Leverage our wealth of international expertise and best practices. "

ASM Global's Asia Pacific Gulf Region Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Harvey Lister (AM) has partnered with the region's iconic Kuala Lumpur Sports City management team to bring the area to a vibrant community and event for Malaysians. We are honored to work together to establish our hub as a hub.

Lister says: “We believe the Malaysian National Stadium and Axiata Arena have the potential as shown by the Malaysian Ministry of Sports. We are proud to support the district in providing more events.”

ASM Global has partnered with local Malaysian company Sportswork Sdn Bhd to provide services for Kuala Lumpur Sports City.

YB Dato' Seri Ahmad Faizal bin Dato' Azumu, Youth and Sports Minister of Malaysia, said: “We see this MOU as an excellent opportunity for PSM and ASM Global to strengthen Kuala Lumpur Sports City as a premier venue in the global sporting events industry. are iconic properties owned by the Malaysian people and we have a responsibility to make them proud.”

About ASM Global

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