Artificial Grass Liquidators is Opening an Additional Locations in San Marcos and El Cajon

19 April 2022

Artificial Grass Liquidators is opening new locations in El Cajon and San Marcos. These brand new facilities will include state of the art showrooms, complete with samples of AGL’s entire inventory. Visitors will have the opportunity to see and feel the superior quality of AGL’s turf up close. Their turf specialists are ready to assist with any project need, so customers can find the best solution for their landscaping needs. AGL encourages visitors to bring any samples which interest them to see a side by side comparison.

Artificial Grass Liquidators works hard to improve the lives of people across the country. AGL’s durable turf creates memories that last a lifetime by providing functional spaces for recreation. A well maintained yard offers usable space for socializing, relaxation, and events. A poorly maintained lawn riddled with weeds, holes, and pests is effectively useless.

When people invest in AGL turf, they’re buying more than just landscaping, they’re buying time. The opportunity cost of lawn care is high, and can mean missing out on life’s most important moments. By investing in premium turf, customers not only save money, but also recover lost time. AGL turf affords people the unique opportunity of actually enjoying their Saturday, rather than seeding, mowing, pulling, and who knows what else.

For more information on how Artificial Grass Liquidators can help you, stop by one of their new showrooms, visit the website or call 866-470-3889