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Access Fixtures Launches Recreational Volleyball Court Lighting Packages

Wednesday, Aug 09, 2017

Access Fixtures launches new recreational-level LED volleyball lighting packages. Each package includes everything you need to light a recreational or backyard volleyball court. The price you see is the price you pay; there are no hidden fees or extra charges. Access Fixtures even pays for shipping, too.

Each package uses a number of poles and fixtures to better distribute light, and to keep shadows from interfering with your play. Poles are coated in a bronze polyester powder coat finish, and are heat treated to guarantee weather resistance. Many of these volleyball packages use outstanding LED KOTA fixtures, which are L70 rated for up to 290,000 hours. Each KOTA fixture has a minimum CRI of 80, with custom CRIs of up to 95 also available.

"The price and footcandle ranges of these courts make volleyball court lighting accessible to anyone," says Alan Rosinsky, of Access Fixtures. "Whether you're looking to light a backyard court or a competition-level arena, we have a range of packages to choose from."

Access Fixtures volleyball court lighting packages provide average footcandles of 15-32 FC, ranging from recreational to competition level play. Quick-ship options are available for those requiring fast turnarounds. Do you want the ability to dim your fixtures? No problem. If you are looking for a lower-cost alternative to LED, look no further than pulse start metal halide (PSMH). Each PSMH package is durable, and drive by price and performance, making it easy to get the output you need at the price you want.

For everything you need to light your backyard or recreational volleyball project, explore the wide range of volleyball court lighting packages from Access Fixtures. We'll let you know if and how a package can be adjusted to fit your requirements. If you have questions or need advice on selecting the best package for your application, call Access Fixtures at 800-468-9925.

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