USC secures approval for $270 million LA Coliseum renovation project

5 May 2017

The University of Southern California just received approval from the Coliseum Commission to move forth with a major $270 million renovation project.

The venue is the home of the USC Trojans and is temporarily housing the Los Angeles Rams through 2018.Furthermore, this approval to proceed with the upgrades will aid in Los Angeles’ bid to host the 2024 Olympics.

The next step in the process is to submit the plans before the Los Angeles City Council. Considering this project will be 100 percent financed by USC with no impact to taxpayers, it is anticipated the Council will approve the proposal, according to

The project would then begin in the fall of 2017 with the anticipated completion date of August of 2019, per the report.

It is reported that the renovation project will preserve the Coliseum’s “peristyle” facade. At the same time, the Coliseum would receive upgrades that make it a “cutting edge” facility. The proposal includes wider seats with more leg room, lounges, press boxes, suites and major digital and technology upgrades.

Looking ahead to the Olympics, part of the plan is to install a temporary deck for athletes to warm up, should they win the bid.

The Coliseum’s Chief of Operating Officer, Dan Stimmier had this to say about the $270 million project.According to this report, construction is said to be scheduled without impacting the stadium’s home games.