StubHub Center Locks In AstroTurf As Official Partner And Provider Of Synthetic Turf

9 March 2017

StubHub Center, home of the MLS club LA Galaxy, has announced a partnership with AstroTurf, the maker of the world's best artificial playing surfaces. As part of the agreement, brokered by AEG Global Partnerships, AstroTurf will become an official partner of the multi-use sports stadium and the preferred vendor for all future synthetic turf projects. Additionally, AstroTurf's cutting-edge DT23 System will replace the existing crumb rubber synthetic field of StubHub Center's Field 7, which is used to host various clinics as well as the LA Galaxy's Girls' Academy team.

Instead of a traditional crumb rubber infill, the DT System incorporates ZeoFill, an organic mineral found in water filtration systems and health food supplements. ZeoFill's ability to retain water helps reduce surface temperatures and delivers an exceptional playing surface designed for high use and performance, all while eliminating the use of crumb rubber. This venue upgrade comes in support of the Los Angeles Department of Recreation & Parks "LA Spec" initiative to replace crumb rubber synthetic fields with non-crumb rubber fields across Los Angeles. When properly maintained, non-crumb rubber fields are believed to offer superior playing surfaces as well as added environmental and economic advantages over time.

"StubHub Center Field 7 is an important location at our facility that allows us to support various forms of youth soccer," said Katie Pandolfo, general manager of StubHub Center. "We knew we wanted to provide a high performance shock pad in order to make the field safer and more playable. AstroTurf represents the best and latest technology in the industry, and we are excited to select the DT32 System in order to provide our players the best playing surface available and improve the overall experience on Field 7 at StubHub Center."

The "LA Spec" program emerged out of the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks' desire to develop a unique system that yielded a safer, more durable, cooler, and more consistent performance than previous generations of rubber-filled synthetic turf can offer. With a dense and compact fiber matrix, heavy-duty fibers, specialized RootZone® technology, and ZeoFill, AstroTurf's DT System delivers just that.

A custom-designed Brock PowerBase/YSR shock pad, specific to the StubHub Center's unique needs, will provide shock attenuation guaranteed for 25 years to never exceed 125 Gs. The control of field characteristics with the pad means that the overall artificial turf system can be engineered to accommodate heavy usage under the extreme UV exposure in Southern California. At the same time, it stays cooler and significantly improves performance metrics such as field planarity and ball roll. Additionally, infill fly-out and splash is virtually eliminated.

"We are the best in the world at building synthetic soccer fields. StubHub Center is a world-class venue, and the LA Galaxy are the standard bearers in MLS. This partnership between AstroTurf and StubHub Center represents two leaders in the industry looking to grow the game of soccer in one of the world's best venues," AstroTurf Director of Soccer, Anthony DiCicco said of the announcement. "This is another example of StubHub Center and the AEG organization leading the way for American soccer. In this case, their off-the-field decisions to move towards synthetic fields that don't contain crumb rubber is a direct investment in their players' safety and development on-the-field."

The wave of next generation turf design is gaining ground at StubHub Center and beyond. By supporting the National Soccer Coaches Association of America and U.S. Soccer Foundation, AstroTurf is helping grow the game in communities across the U.S. The company aims to create safe places to play and enable soccer facilities to meet growing usage needs with high performing and consistent surfaces.

AstroTurf's relationship with StubHub Center goes back to the facility's origins. AstroTurf and its local distributors and contractors have been loyal supporters of the Galaxy Foundation as well as the venue since 2003. The company has installed a number of projects on-site, one of which included an AstroTurf field featuring the RootZone technology on Field 5. Additionally, AstroTurf and its local contractors helped build fields with the LA Galaxy Foundation, including a project around MLS Cup 2014 at A Place Called Home – a safe haven in South Central Los Angeles for underserved youth.

The new AstroTurf DT32 playing surface at StubHub Center's Field 7 is scheduled for completion by June of 2017.