State-of-the-art lighting come to PHS stadium

13 March 2017

The new lighting at Pirate Stadium lighting is most modern stadium lighting available on the market.The lights will be composed of four stands of lights at each corner of the field, each consisting of three banks of lights. Each individual light head consists of five Light Emitting Diode (LED) banks, consisting of eight LEDs. The combined output of each set is 50,000 watts.

“The beauty of these lights is they can be controlled from a cell phone,” said coach and team trainer Randall McKenzie. “Not only are they instant on, they are dimmable, the options that open up to the band and even the graduation ceremony is tremendous.”The present lighting requires almost 15 minutes or more to come to full brightness. However, the present lighting -- because of their age -- actually no longer produces the 50,000 watts they should.

 “This new lighting will produce 50,000 watts of lighting for 20 years,” said Charlie Price of Compass Builders. “There will also be no fall off of brightness in the end-zones.”Pirate Stadium will be the first in Texas to install this type of lighting, according to Price.He said because they are brighter, the pole will be mounted further back and are higher than the current poles.

The older poles and lighting will be moved to the new refurbished junior varsity baseball field.The upgraded lights are one of the many improvement projects from the 2016 bond election.