Sierra Leone Sports: “Stadium to close for 10 months” -Stadium Manager

8 November 2016

The General Manager of Siaka Stevens Stadium, Musa Sesay, has confirmed that they will shut down the entire stadium complex in January 2017 for a 10-month rehabilitation.
According to Sesay, the Ministry of Sports has agreed to shut down the Stadium as per the agreement between the Government of Sierra Leone and the Chinese Government. The Chinese have promised to rehabilitate the entire stadium complex including the pool, hostel and stadium facilities.
Sesay added, “We’ve informed all occupants, hostel residents, and sporting associations, that they should vacate the premises to allow for the renovation of the Stadium.
The Ministry of Sport and a team of security personnel and welders will seal the doors of hostels rooms on or before 15th December 2016.
They also advised all occupants at the Stadium Hostel and Stadium Main Bowl to remove all personal property before the said date so as to ensure proper preparation for the renovation.
“As a management we didn’t accept any activity or event for the time during the renovations”, he said. “We gave enough time to those that are using the hostels as residences, office space, training and competition grounds to finish up their activities within these two months”.
“Every Sierra Leonean is yearning to see a modern Stadium because most of the facilities in this stadium have lost their qualities, Sesay asserted”. “The Stadium is badly in need of renovations. Walls are crumbling. Washroom facilities are horrible. It needs painting. We want nice buildings again.”
When asked about the cost involved in the entire renovation, Sesay said that the Chinese Government will bear the sole responsibility for the rehabilitation. The Government of Sierra Leone is responsible to give constant electricity and water supply to the Stadium.
“The rehabilitation is based on the long standing relationship between the Sierra Leone and China”. He said at the end of the rehabilitation the Chinese government will hand over documentation of accounts and expenditures.
Some of the occupants said the renovation of the Stadium is in place and necessary but the problem is the time given to them to quit. According to them, they have not received enough notice. Some sporting associations are appealing for more time to secure new facilities. Most sporting associations claim they will be hampered and constrained. But, they want to see a stadium of international standard.