Schréder Installs Smart LED Light with Integrated Wifi Hub at Stadium

22 December 2016

Schréder, an LED lighting firm, reported the installation of its multi-functional smart lighting column, the Shuffle by Schréder, at Stadium MK. Stadium MK is the home of the Milton Keynes Dons Football (soccer) Club. Schréder installed the Shuffle at the front of the MK Dons Box Office and Superstore. The interactive column integrates 360-degree LED lighting, a public address (PA) speaker for matchday announcements, closed-circuit television (CCTV) aimed at the reception entrance, and wireless internet (Wi-Fi) connectivity for visitors.

The MK Dons control room enables instant, remote access to the CCTV system and PA speaker. According to Schréder, the modular nature of the Shuffle also ensures the installation is futureproofed. The Shuffle can reportedly be upgraded at any point to include additional functionality such as specialist advertising and even mobile device charging.

Pete Winkelman and his firm Inter MK Group led the development of Stadium MK and Arena MK. Winkelman also serves as the chairman of MK Dons FC and continues to drive the development of the ‘MK One’ site around the stadium.

Winkelman commented, “Shuffle by Schréder is a slick, modern product that not only looks great, it replaces the need for multiple independent lighting, CCTV and Wi-Fi columns.”

Adam Rice, Marketing Manager, Schréder stated, “The Shuffle by Schréder is one of the most innovative lighting products on the market and offers visitor to Stadium MK multiple connected services integrated in a single lighting column. As well as removing the need to create separate solutions, the new Shuffle presents a more modern and iconic face to the MK Dons Box Office and Superstore.”