Road Expansion Project Next To Proposed Sports Complex

Wednesday, Jun 29, 2016

A portion of Allen Creek Road between West Harbeck and Denton Trail Roads is being brought up to city standards after becoming part of the urban growth boundary, but it's still under county jurisdiction.

The city is proposing roundabouts to go in at those two intersections and adding slight curves in the road to slow traffic.

A nearby resident welcomes the changes.

"Kids are playing, a lot of people don't slow down, they end up speeding so if it opens up the chance of putting a sidewalk or some sort of walking lane to help make it a little more safer, it would be a really good idea," said Michael Townsley, who's lived on Allen Creek Road for about three years.

The Parks and Community Development Department is still working on two design options with the city council. Plans include widening the road from 40 feet to 68 feet wide.

State and federal funds will pay for the project, including transportation system development, the gas tax, the Oregon Department of Transportation, and CMAQ, for alternative transit.

The city says there will be no cost to property owners.

On the other side of the creek, a potential sports complex bordering Allen Dale Elementary School. There would be four new turf soccer fields, one of which would have two baseball diamonds as well.

But, the school district is concerned the complex wouldn't allow the school to expand.

"As they go through and look at the needs for population growth and their forecast, is they're realizing they're going to need to provide room for more children and for those schools," said Lora Glover from Grants Pass Parks and Community Development.

To cover all the bases, the city is working on a partnership with Grants Pass School District 7.

This project is far from being a done deal. Five things have to happen to get the green light.

There needs to be official discussions between the city and school district. Then, an agreement on a school-board and city partnership. After that, the land-use approval process begins. Then design, and finally, fundraising.


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