QR354mn project to upgrade Al-Bayt Stadium link roads kicks off

13 November 2017

Aiming to provide modern roads that would give easy access to the 2022 FIFA World Cup stadiums, Ashghal has started working on a new QR354 project to upgrade link roads to Al-Bayt Stadium in Al-Khor.

The project features the construction of 5.3km of roads, with three lanes in each direction, all leading to four sides of the stadium. These roads will facilitate access to bus stations and car parking around the stadium and provide multiple entrances to the Sports Complex where the stadium is located.

These roads will also provide two links to the south and east of Al-Khor Expressway which is currently under construction, and a link to Al-Egda Street which is located to the north of the stadium.

The new roads will feature an 8.55m wide pedestrian path and cycle path, in addition to landscaping and pavement works that will also be carried out at the surrounding roads.

In addition, a 7.3km section of Al Egda Street will be upgraded to include three lanes in each direction, with a 3m wide pedestrian path provided on each side of the street, starting from the roundabout at the entrance of Al-Khor City until reaching the northwest side of Al-Bayt stadium.

It will also be connected with Al-Khor Expressway, which is considered the main road leading to the stadium. Eight signal-controlled intersections will be constructed as part of the project, in addition to four signal-controlled intersections that will be constructed at Al-Khor Expressway.

In addition, two junctions will be provided only for traffic heading to and from the roads surrounding the stadium. Speed humps will be provided in order to reduce speed at these intersections to maintain the safety of road users.

Additionally, the project includes the construction of a 2.2km long gravity sewer network, a separate surface water drainage network, and an irrigation network bringing treated wastewater to and around the stadium from the TSE network located near Al-Khor Corniche.

Intelligent telecommunications systems will be installed in this project, and street lighting will be provided using energy saving LED street lights.

The project is located in the south of Al-Khor. Barriers, warning lights and road signs were installed around the construction site to warn off local residents.

A community outreach officer was appointed at the project site to inform residents about the project and coordinate with other service authorities like Al-Khor Municipality and other relevant entities.

Safety instructions in ‘Ashghal Road Safety Handbook’ and other applicable quality standards are strictly followed on all construction sites. In addition, all guidelines related to the preservation of environment as well as workplace safety standards and regulations for workers, visitors and local residents are fully implemented.

The project works started last September. Most of the major works are scheduled to be completed by the end of the second quarter of 2018, whereas the project works will be finally completed in the first quarter of 2019 at a total cost of QR354mn.