Oklahoma State to Expand Seat Size at Boone Pickens Stadium

22 February 2017

Andy Sumrall, Oklahoma State’s assistant athletic director for ticket operations, told the Tulsa World, “Some of the biggest issues we have come from someone sitting on my seat or half of my seat - seats are just too close together.”

The average airline seat is 16-18 inches, so this is a much needed upgrade for Cowboy fans at Boone Pickens Stadium. Fans can now enjoy more spacious seating, which hopefully will lead to higher attendance. This kind of improvement has become more common in the last few years.

Once upon a time, it was all about boasting the highest capacity. With recent technological advancements, more fans are choosing to watch games from their living room instead of the stadium. Why sit in the nosebleeds, or in this case, be packed in like sardines, when you can sit in your climate controlled living room and watch your team in HD? Michigan, Kentucky, Ohio State, and many more have seen similar renovations in recent years.

Oklahoma State did their best to keep season ticket holders in or around their current seats, but 197 season-ticket account holders were informed they would have to choose new seats. Most of the adjustments will take place at the 200 and 300 level seats on the south side of the stadium. However, given the choice between being squished in their current spots and a wider seat elsewhere, I think most fans would choose the latter