NFL begins Los Angeles-area search for temporary stadiums

Saturday, Jun 27, 2015

The NFL is officially searching in the Los Angeles market. The league began the process of issuing proposal requests to multiple sporting venues -- including the L.A. Coliseum and the Rose Bowl. The story was first reported by the Los Angeles Times and corroborated by the NFL.

The ultimate goal? To secure a temporary home for a team (or teams) in the probable event of relocation. Teams would be housed at an interim venue for the 2016 season while, presumably, a new stadium (or stadiums) are built in Los Angeles.

"It is part of the process and an effort to understand all of our options and have a well thought out plan if a team or teams were to be approved to relocate," NFL vice president of corporate development Chris Hardart told the Los Angeles Times.

Other than the Rose Bowl and Coliseum, Hardart refused to identify any potential interim sites that have caught the NFL's eye. However, the current college tenants of those two stadiums -- UCLA and USC, respectively -- have veto power when it comes to welcoming a professional team.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Dodger Stadium could act as a temporary venue, if need be, as well.

The topic of relocation will be at the forefront of discussion when NFL owners convene in Chicago on Aug. 11. It is reported that the three teams tied most to the area -- the St. Louis Rams, the San Diego Chargers, and the Oakland Raiders -- will all update the league on area proceedings.

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