New turf placed into position at Foster Field

13 July 2017

As drivers make their way down 29th Avenue as the road starts to make the downhill, left–hand turn just north of Foster Field, eyes are fixated on what's happening to the playing surface.

The new turf is being installed at the University of Nebraska at Kearney over the next couple of weeks and there's a stark contrast to what we've seen at Ron and Carol Cope Stadium over the last decade.

Here's what's happening as the new faux–grass is laid down:

First, they need to place the strips of look–a–like grass and stitch all the pieces together.

Second, they need to cut holes out for the end–zone font and the mid–field Loper logo.

Following those steps, sand is placed on top of the turf, as well as the recycled rubber from the previous field, and then a new layer of those tiny black rubber pieces are dropped in to complete the process. UNK opens fall camp in early August and the field is expected to be completed sometime in late July.