New and improved Wells Sports Complex unveiled

Thursday, Apr 16, 2015

A small group of investors got to see the Wells Sports Complex's brand new turf room.

The turf room is part of a two-year renovation of the entire complex. It's located where the second ice rink used to be.

Baseball, soccer, softball and a range of other sports can practice in the facility. It includes batting cages, nets surrounding the turf, a scoreboard and track around the room.

"Well with the long winters that we have up here in the U.P in Michigan, we feel that a complex of this type is an ideal facility that kids will be able to use not only year round, but more importantly in the winter time to come and hone their skills in their sports," said Ken Meshigaud, tribal chairperson.

In total the project cost about $120,000. The Hannahville Indian Community provided much of the financial support. It'll be renamed the Hannahville Ice and Turf Complex.