New Altoona sports stadium $500K closer to becoming reality

4 October 2018

A nearly $3-million project is another step closer to putting shovels to dirt, and giving the Altoona School District a new place to play sports.

The school district wants to redevelop its current football field and construct a new multi-sport stadium. Just recently, Oakleaf Hospital pushed the project forward with a $500,000 donation, half of the district’s goal of fundraising to start work.

The stadium will include new turf, an eight-lane track around the field, along with built-in track and field features, and more seating on the opposite side to accommodate visiting fans. The new facility will be made more accessible to those attending sporting events and those in the community using it for physical activity.

“It’s something that’s going to meet the needs of our current students and students well into the future,” said interim superintendent, Ron Walsh. “It’s going to help promote healthy living, healthy activities for the citizens of Altoona as well.”

Walsh also told News 18 plans are still preliminary, but says tentatively the stadium will be up and ready for next fall’s football season. It will be built at the same location as the current field.