Nediyawan Regrouping Maneuver: Offers To Build A Sports Stadium In Valvetiturai

17 October 2016

In a desperate bid to set foot and discreetly regroup LTTE in Valvetiturai, the birth place of the slain LTTE Leader Velupillai Prabhakaran, Nediyawan group has come forward to build a sports stadium at the cost of Rs.10 million, in the very Football ground, said to belong to Prabhakaran family, located at Netkolu, Valvetiturai.

Perinpanayagam Sivaparan known by his nom de guerre Nediyawan, the Norway based LTTE leader is on an INTERPOL Red Alert since April 2014.

Earlier, Norway had briefly arrested Sivaparan in Oslo in 2011, interviewing him over his role in financing operations for the LTTE, among the Tamil diaspora in the Netherlands and then released him on conditional bail.

The Sri Lankan government had also sent out an alert demanding that Norway government arrest Perinpanayagam Sivaparan, who is based in Oslo, claiming that he is the new leader of the LTTE.

Perinpanayagam Sivaparan who remains presently the undisputed leader of the LTTE overseas, in a bid to regroup, initially acquired the Deepem TV – a satellite TV based in London. The acquisition of the TV, according to reports, has not brought the desired result, however a studio was set up in Chennai for content updates, but it is being used to bankroll pro-LTTE leaders in Tamil Nadu and to promote Nediyawan as the heir-apparent of Prabhakaran.

In the middle of the year 2015, a Tamil weekly Deepam was launched in Jaffna, but it could not withstand the competition of the Jaffna based Tamil regional news dailies and weeklies. They negotiated with M.A.Sumanthira MP, offering him to take over the Weekly, but according to sources close to Deepam office in Jaffna the move has failed to convince the TNA Parliamentarian.

Subsequently, Nediyawan group in Jaffna begun to negotiate with the owners of the sports club in Valvetiturai, sponsoring the unfinished football tournament offering Rupees one million towards cost of running the tournament and another Rs. 500,000/ under table payment if in case the Club official successfully maneuver the deal.

It is learnt that, Nediyawan Group contact person has also told the Sports Club Officials that they are ready to build a sports stadium at the cost of Rs.10 million, in case they reject the arrangements made by the original sponsor of the of the football tournament, who was making arrangements to invite President of Sri Lanka for the finals of the tournament in Valvetiturai, the birth place of Prabhakaran and also in the future not to entertain Army football teams or Sri Lanka Army personnel in any form, for any football matches or any other events.

Asian Tribune learnt that these offers were made and conditions laid on behalf of Nediyawan Group based in Norway by those involved in publishing the Deepam, Tamil weekly published in Jaffna.


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