Kinnick Stadium premium seating ready for game day

29 August 2018

The Hawkeyes are getting ready for its season opening game this weekend and so is Kinnick Stadium.

All of the seats are in and ready to go, as Kinnick gets closer to being done with its 89 million dollar renovation, to upgrade the north end zone.

"All three levels are open, the great views, all the seats are in and we are ready for game day," said Assistant Athletic Director Damian Simcox.  

A game day that is sure to not disappoint, as Kinnick Stadium gets ready to show off its newly renovated north end zone. However, the concession areas and bathrooms still are not completed. Associate Athletic Director Charlie Taylor says they're prepared to deal with that, "It is inconvenient, we know that we are under construction, we've tried to double the amount of facilities that we have across the board."

The new club section offers premium seats, with heated areas for especially cold game days. Taylor is hoping it gives fans a more cozy feel, "It's a little bit more like your living room but your living room just happens to be Kinnick Stadium."

While the new end zone seats should make fans feel more at home, they come with an added bonus.

"The views are amazing, whether your in the upper deck, the club level, your in the lower level, it's views that you haven't necessarily seen from Kinnick Stadium," said Taylor.

That's because the new renovation puts fans closer to the field than ever before.

While the new design took away about 2,000 seats, Taylor said fans should feel more comfortable, "First of all wider isles, more room when you sit down, not having people packed in on you."

A new concourse but the same Hawkeye feel.

"Fans in those seats are not going to be disappointed," said Taylor.

If you are heading to the game this weekend, there are several road construction projects in that area. Taylor is asking all fans to avoid using 1st Ave, as it is down to one lane each way and will be all throughout football season. Instead he says it would be easier to take the Coral Ridge exit into Coralville, the Dubuque St entrance into Iowa City or to come down 218 to Melrose.

Tickets in that new north end zone are selling out fast, so they recommend getting yours sooner rather than later.