Kiefer USA Introduces Mondo Installation Certification Program

Wednesday, Sep 21, 2016

Kiefer USA is a flooring company that provides and installs commercial flooring as well as a wide variety of athletic surfaces for fieldhouses, basketball courts, fields, tracks, and weight rooms. They offer a certification program in which flooring contractors can become certified to install Mondo flooring products. Mondo is a leading manufacturer of athletic and commercial flooring. Kiefer USA is a professional supplier of Mondo products and they offer this certification program to ensure that flooring contractors can install these products according to the specifications of the manufacturer.

The Mondo Installation Certification Program is available for flooring contractors who have purchased Mondo products from Kiefer USA. This program includes hands-on training with certified Kiefer installers who discuss and practice the best installation techniques for Mondo flooring. Installing Mondo products correctly is very important for performance and aesthetic purposes. The certification process takes two days to complete for athletic surfaces and one day for commercial flooring.


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