ITO EN Launches International Outdoor Advertising Campaign Featuring Shohei Ohtani

31 May 2024

Launching today, Japanese professional baseball pitcher and designated hitter for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Shohei Ohtani, is featured in an international advertising campaign as part of his role as Global Ambassador of Oi Ocha.

Ohtani was initially announced as the brand's Global Ambassador on April 30 with features in 60 newspapers around the world. "My green tea, My soul. So much is happening these days. It makes sense to take a break for green tea to soothe both mind and body. I want to share this experience with everyone around the world," says ITO EN's "Oi Ocha" Global Ambassador Shohei Ohtani.

The campaign's next phase is an outdoor marketing campaign in over 85 locations worldwide, beginning in Iwate, Ohtani's hometown. The ads will be displayed in over 85 locations in Japan, the United States (in New York City's Times Square and along Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles), South Korea, and Taiwan. It will be unveiled stateside in Times Square from June 1 - 30, coinciding with Ohtani's visit to New York for the Yankees-Dodgers series.

"This is the first and the most extensive outdoor advertising campaign that our company has ever undertaken. In the advertisements, Ohtani's strong gaze, standing dignified in a beautiful green tea field, embodies how together we are contributing to the future of the earth with green tea," says Daisuke Honjo, President of ITO EN, Ltd. "Our core objective is to attract a large number of viewers and convey to the world ITO EN and Ohtani's shared desire to spread Japan's fascinating green tea culture to the world."