InventHelp Inventor Develops Safety-Enhancing Sports Helmet (ROH-394)

13 October 2017

An inventor from Avoca, N.Y., has developed the patent-pending IT'S A NO BRAINER BRAIN SAVER, a new feature incorporated into the exterior of protective sports helmets, specifically football helmets. It can also be incorporated into other protective sports helmets, such as hockey, lacrosse, baseball and bicycle helmets, as well as motorcycle helmets.

"I wanted to help protect people of all ages from head injury. With the addition of my invention to sports and recreational helmets, it may prevent concussions and other head trauma," said the inventor. The IT'S A NO BRAINER BRAIN SAVER provides an additional degree of protection on a sports helmet. The invention reduces all types of (hard-harsh-sudden impact) contact to head area. It absorbs impact rather than allows impact to be transferred to a player’s head. This will reduce the number of concussions and other head/neck-related trauma. In addition, it may also save lives. It may be offered in a range of attractive colors and color combinations, as well as imprinted with team logos.

The original design was submitted to the Rochester office of InventHelp. It is currently available for licensing or sale to manufacturers or marketers.