Genesis League Sports Announces Launch of Validator Nodes Licenses

16 March 2023

Genesis League Goals, the digital trading card game built in partnership with Major League Soccer Players Association, today announced the sale of their validator node licenses.

Genesis League Goals (GLG) is the first title to be launched under the Genesis League Sports (GLS) brand and is the second major game to be launched by the same creators of Splinterlands, who in 2022, saw an 11 minute sellout of their Splinterlands validator node license presale. The GLS validator node licenses will allow purchasers to help validate blocks on the Hive blockchain in return for $GLX tokens, the governance token of Genesis League Sports and all Genesis League games. A pool of 100,000,000 $GLX tokens will be allocated for GLS node license holders over a 65 month period.

Jesse Reich, Co-Founder and CEO of Splinterlands said "this marks a monumental stride forward for GLG and the governance of the game as a whole. This game and ecosystem are built with the community in mind and we think it is pivotal that they are able to have a hand in its growth."

GLS validator node licenses go on sale at 11am ET on March 15th on the Genesis League Goals website.