Franklin Sports Introduces the FS Tour FEATHERWEIGHT Paddle

7 June 2024

Franklin Sports, a leading manufacturer and retailer in the sporting goods industry, has officially announced the launch of a first-of-its-kind FS Tour FEATHERWEIGHT Paddle, which is part of the popular line, FS Tour Paddle Series. The FS Tour FEATHERWEIGHT Paddle is designed specifically to provide pickleball players with the ultimate combination of speed and power, helping athletes excel at all levels of the game.

“As the FS Tour Paddle Series grows, so does our excitement surrounding the launch of the newest paddle, which combines two important factors when choosing a paddle: momentum and strength, to help athletes excel in all facets of their game,” said Adam Franklin, President of Franklin Sports. “The game of pickleball continues to evolve, and Franklin Sports recognizes that selecting the right paddle for each player’s game can be challenging. We now have a pickleball paddle that creates the desired ‘pop’ while providing prime hand speed and power on the court, and that’s exactly what the FS Tour FEATHERWEIGHT Paddle will give players looking to meet those specific needs.”

Manufactured with the same premium components as Franklin Sports’ FS Tour Paddle Series, the FEATHERWEIGHT Paddle is engineered for professional-level performance and durability. Weighing just 7.3 to 7.6 ounces, the FEATHERWEIGHT Paddle’s frame is sleek and agile, allowing the one-piece construction the ability to maximize structural integrity and amplify the force transferred to the ball with each shot.

The paddle is designed with a 12MM enhanced polymer core surrounded by a high-density foam injected perimeter, intended to maximize the ‘pop’ of the sweet spot, and minimize vibration without adding excess weight. The combination of these two elements is meant to help the FS Tour replicate a similar level of power as other standard heavyweight paddles while still retaining its lightweight feel and superior quickness so players can have the best of both worlds. The FEATHERWEIGHT Paddle is available in two frame shapes, the Dynasty, and the Tempo, which gives players the chance to pick the best paddle for their playstyle.

Key technical features for the FS Tour FEATHERWEIGHT Paddle include a surface coated with a layer of premium T700 raw carbon fiber to enhance the texture and assist in putting an increased spin on the ball for controlled and precise shot making. Each paddle is constructed with an elongated 5.6” cushioned, premium handle for additional comfort and control on the court. The handle is also formed with raised finger pad inlays, helping players achieve a comfortable, improved grip that will stay in place during gameplay.

Pickleball champion, JW Johnson dominated this year’s US Open Pickleball Championships winning in Men’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles and credits his victories by playing with the Franklin FS Tour FEATHERWEIGHT Paddle. “I immediately felt the combination of speed, power and lightness when I tested the Franklin FEATHERWEIGHT for the first time. It made such an impression that I used it the very next week in winning two Gold Medals at the US Open,” said JW Johnson, Top Pro, Franklin Sports.