Eddie Mitchell's Sandbanks sports stadium plans unveiled

Tuesday, Jul 28, 2015

PROPERTY developer Eddie Mitchell is set to put his revised plans for a Sandbanks sports stadium on public display.

His proposals for the 2,000-seat Sandbanks Sand Sports Stadium will be available for public view, for one day only, before being officially submitted to Borough of Poole planners later this summer.

Aside from providing an opportunity to view images of the stadium, the exhibition - set for the Haven Hotel - will also allow for comments to be made on the plans.

Mr Mitchell says the stadium would also contain 40 ground floor beach huts, replacing the current Sandbanks pavilion beach huts, as well as 20 exclusive glass boxes on the first floor.

He hopes England's beach soccer sides, which already train in Poole, will be able to make the stadium their permanent home.

The complex will also boast four luxury three-bed beach studios and 16 twin bed mini-studios, for weekend and overnight stays.

Mr Mitchell explained: "Sandbanks has rightly developed an international reputation for luxury and quality, but whilst its property portfolio continues to flourish, years of under-investment have created a significant backlog of public infrastructure work on the seafront."

The arena is intended as a multi-functional venue, able to host sports, entertainment and community events throughout the year.

Mr Mitchell hopes its sand-based playing surface will be primarily used to host beach soccer and beach volleyball events, but it could also be transformed into a venue for open air concerts, art exhibitions, and even a public ice rink in the winter.

"Some years ago planners produced a document calling for help to sustain Poole's seafront and I'm determined to kick start the development of new public facilities in Sandbanks," said.

"I believe the stadium will help solve a lot of issues raised in that document and its multi-use design will keep Sandbanks sustainable throughout the year, not just in the peak summer months.

"Head of England Beach Soccer, David Jones, has already expressed a desire to make the Sandbanks Sand Sports Stadium their permanent home.

"A new permanent stadium would also attract big tournaments, star players and a host of economical benefits for the area through television coverage, sponsorship and increased tourism."

This revised plan comes after Mr Mitchell lodged an outline planning application for a 3,900 capacity beach arena last December.

After that proposal, Borough of Poole planning and regeneration manager Richard Genge said: "We are aware that the proposals relate to land owned by Borough of Poole and appropriate notices have been served by the applicants."

The exhibition takes place at the Haven Hotel, Sandbanks Hotel, 3-8pm, on Thursday, July 30.

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