Decoding India’s first convertible stadium - TransStadia Arena

10 November 2016

In a massive victory, India won the Kabbadi World Cup against Iran on Saturday in Ahmedabad’s TransStadia Arena, which is India’s first convertible stadium.

Being Asia’s biggest seven-floor stadium, Arena’s 20, 000 seater transforms into a 4000 seater, pillar-less multipurpose indoor venue at the touch of a button. With stunning technological features, this metamorphosis occurs at the touch of a button, unsurprisingly.

The stadium, which is a Rs 550 crore project, has a seating capacity of 21,000 and its indoor arena can be utilized for 12 indoor sports. Built on the defunct Abad Dairy property measuring about 9 acres, it uses globally patented technology and boasts of a natural turf similar to that of the ones approved by FIFA.

Udit Sheth, CEO & MD, SE TransStadia, is the person behind this stupendous innovation. In an exclusive conversation with TIMES NOW, Udit explained that it was very important for him to conceive the idea of the Arena Stadium.

“The way Arena has been designed, we can actually create spaces for any sport and bring spectator experience right to the edge of the pitch which is not possible in your conventional arenas,” he said while explaining the structure of viable sports infrastructure.

“I think, in India, sports can really take off only when the industry of sports takes off. When sports infrastructure can be used 300 days in a year, it will make an impact,” Udit Sheth added.