CWU’s Tomlinson Stadium improved in several ways

3 October 2018

Central Washington University recently renovated its football stadium, Tomlinson Stadium and the finished product is sure to please fans.

While the addition of the stadium lights was definitely one of the high points, there are plenty more renovations that make the field and game day experience a little better. The only thing that was largely untouched during the renovation were the stands.

The field came from a grass field to a turf field, which makes for a better playing surface. The track has been moved to another part of campus, which extends the field to be big enough to house soccer and rugby. Both sports will move and begin competing at Tomlinson Field.

The alumni area has also been updated and is now elevated, giving a better view of the game for those inside. The entry gates have been improved and the insides of the restrooms and concessions stand has also been renovated.

The field is open to the public and will festivities will be in full swing next Saturday on October 13, during CWU’s homecoming football game against Western Oregon University.