Be One of the 20 in F1® 24-Launches Worldwide Today

1 June 2024

Electronic Arts Inc. marks a significant milestone in delivering an increasingly immersive and authentic F1® experience with the worldwide launch of F1® 24. The official game of the FIA Formula One World Championship™ is now available across PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and PC via EA App, Epic Games Store, and Steam. Players can now play as a current F1® driver or an Icon from the past to rewrite history or create new storylines in the overhauled Career Mode. The new EA SPORTS Dynamic Handling and a host of authenticity features, including updated tracks, real-world broadcast audio, and improved driver models, elevate the level of immersion.

"F1 24 propels players into the world of Formula 1 like never before. This year, we've pushed multiple areas of the game forward, opening up opportunities for players to race as their heroes - past or present - and create stories they'd like to see unfold," said Lee Mather, Senior Creative Director at Codemasters. "With the most significant upgrade to our Career Mode since 2016 and the new EA SPORTS Dynamic Handling, players will feel more like one of the 20 than ever before."

Career Mode, a cornerstone of the F1® series, receives a significant overhaul reflecting the real-world challenges faced by F1® drivers. Drivers now receive both long and short-term goals based on team aspirations, adding more depth to their experience and keeping them motivated with objectives that stretch beyond battling for a place on the podium. The Two-Player Career Mode enables a friend to play cooperatively or competitively, and Challenge Career offers a competitive experience with changing bite-sized scenarios.

The EA SPORTS Dynamic Handling redefines the car’s physics to increase control and gives players more agency over vehicle performance and race strategy. With new suspension kinematics, tyre model, aero simulation, and revamped engine and setup options, players will receive detailed feedback, giving them a more accurate handling performance.

F1® 24 amplifies authenticity and accuracy with four reworked circuits, including Silverstone and Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, real-world radio communication samples, improved driver and car recreation, new cutscenes, and more. The official cars for all 10 teams in the 2024 Championship have been meticulously recreated using detailed CAD data. In addition, the 2024 drivers look more realistic with full hair rendering and vast improvements made to eye and skin shaders.

F1® World is back for a second season with a new feature. Fanzone allows players to join a time-limited league, aligning with their favourite team and driver throughout a Podium Pass season. Fostering a sense of community, players work towards shared goals and compete for Fan Points across various F1® World modes, with rewards for those who finish at the top of the championship table.

Post-launch, players can look forward to five themed seasons of free live service content*, keeping fans right in the heart of the racing action all year round.