Abilene to consider 11.1 million dollars new Sports Facility

Wednesday, Feb 18, 2015

11.1 million dollars. That's how much income was generated last year by sporting events held in the Key City.

Abilene wins big when it comes to hosting sporting events, but according to Debi Schultz, the city could be making a lot more.

"Abilene is very behind compared to other cities with sporting facilities," says Schultz. "Our biggest goal is to have an indoor sporting facility."

This new indoor sports complex could bring a lot more added revenue to the city.

James Childers, Director of Sales, says something needs to be done to keep people from traveling to other cities to play sports.

"It's important that we start making some investments in our sports infrastructure to keep people in town and most importantly bring people into town," says Childers.

Some people participating in local sports clubs travel out of town on weekends to play at newer stadiums, which is money that could be spent in Abilene.

"The term is called leakage and a lot of the time on the weekends our residents will leave town to go to other cities for their children to participate in sports when in reality we want them to stay," says Childers.



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