Virginia Tech Athletic Director Talks Upgrades to Cassell Coliseum and Lane Stadium

24 February 2017

Virginia Tech plans to upgrade Cassell Coliseum this offseason by replacing 4,000 wooden seats with wider padded ones, VT Athletic Director Whit Babcock said Tuesday in an interview with the Daily Press.

This will cost approximately $400,000 and will reduce the current capacity of 9,567 by about 300 seats. However, Babcock believes that the athletic department will recoup that investment in only two years by charging more for these improved seats. “I love the building and the home-court advantage,” said Babcock. “One of these days we really want to work on the concourses and the whole building.”

Babcock also mentioned adding premium seating to Lane Stadium. While the stadium currently has premium seating on the west side and south end zone, Babcock soon hopes to add premium seating to the east (visitors’) side of the stadium. “We certainly want the entry level fans to have a place, but premium seating and comfort and amenities, it seems that’s the way things are headed with the competition of people’s couches, said Babcock.

This follows a trend we are seeing more and more. Instead of focusing on just increasing capacity, it is now more prudent to increase premium seating even if that means slightly reducing overall capacity.