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UKL Ulrich Krüger Landscape Architects
UKL Ulrich Krüger Landscape Architects

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Responsibility and respect for the existing site and for the given project objectives, characterize our efforts. With conscious application of plants and building materials we provoke meaningful experiences for human beings. We develop design out of the “genius loci” of a place and strengthen its character. The unique spaces that evolve maintain their radiance beyond short-lived fashion.

Each project is an exciting opportunity to apply our skills. We develop concepts that raise new questions. Then we refine and improve our work. The lengthy process requires passion and an open mind, but allows us to pay attention not only to the over all idea, but to the many corresponding details as well.

Since we opened our office in Dresden in 1996, we have primarily designed and built open spaces with the highest standards. In addition, we have been successful in numerous design competitions and participate in planning processes nationally and internationally.

In many of our projects we work closely together with interdisciplinary teams, including architects, city planners, designers, civil engineers and bioengineers. Our office is also organized in teams to maximize creativity, efficient communication and productivity. Teamwork and an interchange of ideas, constructive criticism together with a feel for the concept as a whole, are pillars of our work ethic.

Central to each project is the cooperation with our clientele. In the process we actively communicate our creative ideas, keep costs in mind and incorporate our client’s wishes.

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