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Terra Sports Technology BV
Terra Sports Technology BV

infill for artificial turf

Terra Sports Technology BV is founded in 2004 by the current owners Mario Smit and Bart Wijers. In the first years the companies’ main activity was the development and sales of TPE-based infill material for artificial turf for football. The main focus was on product development of artificial turf systems and it’s components and the sales of TPE-based infill material in North West Europe. The production of the material was done outside the company.

In 2010 Terra Sports Technology found in Softer Group a new partner for the production and material development. Today more Terra Sports Technology has supplied to more than 700 socces fields. Mainly in North West Europe, but also some in Japan, Azerbaijan and the USA.

Since Softer Group is strongly developing as a supplier of Engineering Plastics and TPE, in 2013, Terra Sports Technology BV became the sales agency for the Engineering Plastics and copolyesters of Softer Group. Also in this new field Terra Sports Technology strives to understand the customer needs towards materials and translate these into the right products and solutions.

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Terra Sports Technology BV
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The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)46 423 4997
URL: www.terrasportstech.com

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