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Swedice provides products and services associated with winter entertainment all over the world, all year round.  The company offers full service solutions for ice and snow related activities as well as other innovative and exciting applications. Examples are synthetic surfaces on which to skate, ski, sledge, and slide off! Focusing on winter fun for the end user is central to our whole philosophy. Swedice, the Wintertainer!

Swedice is one of the most innovative and flexible organisations in the market.  The company collaborates with many partners and is characterized as an extremely adaptable, compact organisation. With its extensive network, the company offers good and affordable solutions. Continual innovation, resulting in new applications that fit perfectly with the customer’s wishes, has made Swedice an eminent market player since 1998.

Swedice has a strong network of experts at its disposal in many different fields. The company has brought numerous, diverse projects to their completion in countries including the Netherlands, Belgium, Gibraltar, Spain, Brazil and Belarus. In addition, Swedice has a broad focus on the Attraction and Events branch.

Swedice’s customers come from various sources. The government sector, for example local authorities and council working parties, is one example. Other examples include the Amusement Park Industry, family and entertainment centres and companies wishing to provide their employees with alternative forms of active entertainment.

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