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TISCA TIARA dresses living spaces. As a full-service provider of high quality textiles for indoors and outdoors, we produce textile floor coverings, curtains, upholstery and decorative fabrics as well as sports turfs.

We cater to the residential, contract and transport sectors. Quality is both a trademark and at the same time an obligation. Reliability and sustainability are fundamental commitments. These values have helped the TISCA group achieve the international renown it enjoys today. What began in 1940 with Anton Tischhauser sen. as a tiny business operation has grown to a globally active company group.

TISCA TIARA is an independent, family-run company and can thus guarantee a reliable and lasting partnership. It is not just skill and knowledge, competence and experience that go into products from TISCA TIARA but also an insatiable passion for everything we do – TEXTILE PASSION.

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Schwägalpstrasse 111
CH - 9107 Urnäsch
Tel: +41 71 365 62 62
URL: www.sportisca.com

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