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S. Lukowski + Partner
S. Lukowski + Partner

Sports Architecture

The office S. Lukowski + Partner has 40 years of expertise and experience in landscape architecture and open space planning.

The planning and expert office is a partnership and is guided by the two partners Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Marc Lukowski, Civil IngKH and Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Schnabel, Landscape Architect AKH, Expert in Sportplatzbau (Certified technical).

Main tasks of the office are the economic planning of family-friendly sports facilities (artificial turf, lawn, Tennen, and plastic surfaces), stadium facilities, the renovation and refurbishment of sports fields and sports facilities, playground planning, village renewal and urban redevelopment, outdoor facilities in schools and daycare centers, residential green and roof greening measures and experts services in Sportplatzbau. In particular, the conversion of tamped in artificial turf was and is a major task priority of our office. We advise sports clubs and local neutral and product-dependent terms sportbautechnischer and sport functional requirements and bezgl. A potential financial support from local, state and national associations of the sport.

On request, we will work for you as a Certified technical experts in the field of sports fields.

Our sphere of action is mainly in the catchment area of ??the Rhine-Main and Rhine-Neckar region, where also several more distant projects and expert opinions have been successfully completed.

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S. Lukowski + Partner
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Tel: 06151/56164
URL: www.sl-plan.de

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