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At Ruben Reddy Architects, we recognize the significance of how people experience space. We are of the mind that the right kind of human experience fosters a sense of place within the individual. This in turn creates a sense of belonging and gives an individual a unique identity. They begin to see that they do not exist alone in space but we rather part of a collective. Once we acknowledge that we are part of a collective society, we start to develop notions of mutual respect among individuals as well as respect for the surrounding environment. We begin to see that the way in which a person experiences space is fundamental to creating a society that places value on ideals such as integrity and respect. At Ruben Reddy Architects. we strive to create spaces that foster the right kind of human experience. Further than building inspirational structures, our architecture generates enduring social, environmental and economic returns while creating a sense of place among the people who interact with them.

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Ruben Reddy Architects
59 Musgrave Road
KwaZulu Natal, 4062
Durban, South Africa
Tel: +27 31 301 6122
URL: www.rubenreddyarchitects.co.za

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