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Architects and planners can now enjoy even more freedom of design with the new and exclusive trend colour of Chili red from Polytan. This powerful, brilliant red is available for selected Polytan synthetic surfaces and brings a glimmering shine to running tracks, school playgrounds, children‘s play areas and multi-purpose spaces alike.

What has long been the norm for soft impact surfaces at playgrounds is becoming ever more common for running tracks, multi-purpose spaces and public areas: different colours. As a result, multi-colour combinations are no longer the reserve of imaginative plans for playgrounds but are also the installed reality at athletics complexes. From two-colour running tracks to colour-coordinated sectors – the design freedom afforded has barely begun to discover its limits.

Alongside brick red running track surfaces, blue and green sports surfaces have become established in recent years. Polytan offers several colour tones in this area, including Hertha Blue and Reseda Green. Even the brick red synthetic surfaces (which used to always be known as a tartan surface) are now considered nothing out of the ordinary. With Polytan‘s special colour Chili red, a completely new colour emphasis can be explored when planning synthetic surfaces. In comparison to brick red, Chili red is a much more intense colour and gives every sports complex and synthetic surface a red sparkle.

Chili red is part of the same scope of services as the other special colours and is exclusively available only from Polytan.

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