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Nordic Sport has its roots in northern Sweden, the company is today one of the world's leading suppliers of athletic equipment. Besides that, they belong to the most successful suppliers of football and Hockey Goals with accessories. The head office is located in Skellefteå and now has branches in Arvidsjaur and Stockholm as well as a sister company in Tallinn, Estonia. In Sweden the company has more than twenty employees.

The company was founded in 1972 by Börje Österberg. A true entrepreneur who already as a 11-year-old began his career as an entrepreneur, fasten on your skis and go around to the neighbors in a small northern village in order to sell magazines. On the road continued since. First he built a spear factory in Arvidsjaur ago he opened a sales office in Skellefteå and then head out into the world and sell their products at such events as possible. Börje Österberg has managed to take the company and its products to the largest stadiums in the world and has built a fantastic network within the sports world. In this way it has continued and the company is now well established in the market.

2005 began a new era in the company when Dennis Österberg joined the company as marketing manager. He has entrepreneurship in the blood but have managed to read at IHM Business School and spent a lot of time in the United States. For a time he worked at one of the more successful telecom companies as a brand developer. When he came into the Nordic Sport he began a strategic work with the Nordic brand sports and has thus placed the company in a secure place among the world's leading sports equipment suppliers. With their knowledge of strategies and marketing, he has lifted the company further and his focus on new corporate logo, brand nordicsport.com has hit very well. He has also worked to narrow the range to include only athletics, hockey and football to deliver niche products all the way.

Now in 2011 it is time for the next step in its development. The company gears up and Dennis Österberg go in and take over as CEO of the company and in addition are investing heavily in expanding the sales force. The company will continue to deliver quality products to the world and be at the forefront of developments through collaboration with the top athletes in different sports. They are many, one of them is Andreas Thorkildsen who surely can be said to be the world's best throwers. The company has over the years gained the confidence to be a comprehensive supplier to many of the major championships worldwide. This work will be intensified and continued. Many events will hopefully be added to the already extensive list of honorable mission. Diamond League DNGalan, European Junior Championship in Serbia in 2009 and the African Championship in Kenya in 2010. The list may already be long, and longer teach it be.

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