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We are a family business with 35 years of experience in building solar absorbers for heating pool systems. With pioneering spirit and inventiveness we opened up a market that did not exist back then. In 1979 we gained recognition among experts when we were awarded the Decoration of the Republic of Austria and the Grand Medal in Gold from the Austrian Association of Patentees and Inventors for our solar collector for heating pool systems. By then, our customers were already convinced! Since we are never satisfied with what we have achieved and are always looking for new, perfect solutions, we constantly enhanced our solar absorber and are proud of the fact that we have saved 250,000 t of oil (about 3 supertankers) with our work so far. We are also proud of our good, long-term relations with our customers because a product can only be tailored to market needs in cooperation with customers.

In 1980 we froze an absorber for the first time while experimenting with a heat pump heater with a double absorber. We then developed the world’s first, indirectly cooled ice rink with absorber mats. All indirect systems offered today are based on this concept. Before our invention, all artificial ice rinks had been built with steel tubes and ammonia fillings under a concrete slab.

In 1989 we rented out our first mobile artificial ice rink. Thus, we were setting trends in this field as well. Today several hundred mobile ice rinks are being rented our each year in Europe and all over the world. We also benefit from the trend that we started ourselves, “Mobile artificial ice rinks from ISS – an experience you can rent!” More and more customers love it. And we are setting standards again – with the only TÜV (German technical inspection agency) certified boards and rink piping.

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